Lovedale Smokehouse & Gourmet Pantry

Lovedale Smokehouse is an Owner Operated, Small Batch, Artisan Smokehouse

Visit Lovedale Smokehouse Gourmet Pantry for their hand crafted range of on-site smoked produce.

Their ever evolving range features cold smoked salmon, smoked rainbow trout, salmon gravlax, smoked trout pate, smoked mussels, smoked octopus, salmon pastrami, hot smoked salmon, bresaola, prosciutto, smoked kangaroo, smoked ham, bacon, smoked chicken, smoked duck, smoked cheeses, smoked olives, smoked salts as well as jerky, pates and terrines.

Their produce is made on-site by Owner/Chef Ben Sales who is extremely passionate about smoked food. Ben works closely with our suppliers sourcing premium quality and wherever possible local ingredients before curing and smoking our produce in small batches to ensure every product receives the attention it deserves. Every product is packaged by hand and vacuum sealed to prolong freshness and is ready for purchase so that you don’t have to wait for it to be sliced.  Their house made produce is available exclusively from our Hunter Valley store.

They also proudly showcase a carefully curated range of artisan produce from other producers including salami, cured meats, cheeses, sauces, jams, dressings, seasonings, pickles, dessert sauces, fruit pastes, crackers etc.

Thermabags and ice are available to keep your purchases cool whilst you discover the Hunter Valley.

Lovedale Smokehouse Gourmet Pantry is open Thursday to Monday 11am-4pm.

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