Hunter Trike & Motorbike Tours

Cruise the vineyards on two or three wheels as every tour offered is available as a trike tour as well as motorcycle. Custom made by local company Oz Trikes in Sommersby, the Dominator 4 is the perfect machine for touring and sight seeing. Passengers sit up high above the driver for unrestricted views. Comfortable seats with restraints for safety for all passenger as well as foot rests and grab rails.

Trikes have just one too many wheels for you? Why not jump aboard one of the cruisers to take you around the valley. Every tour offered on a trike can be done on a cruiser. Team up with some family or friends and have the trike and a motorbike. Swap during the ride and experience both. Fun and flexible is the nature of all the tours.

Just fancy seeing the valley from the back of our cruiser? Pick you up from your hotel and a quick tour of the vineyards for as little as $125. In 1 hour you will be able to see all the Hunter Valley highlights and a few secret spots as well.

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