Bluebush Estate Weddings

A wedding in the Hunter Valley is a truly unique and wonderful experience.

At Bluebush Estate, you can share the magic of the occasion with the people who matter most in a beautiful vineyard setting. The format of your ceremony and reception is completely up to you.

There are plenty of fantastic photo opportunities at our Hunter Valley wedding venue, so you can capture your special day. Just imagine a photo in the midst of the vines, or overlooking the dam with a beautiful Lovedale sunset as backdrop. Bluebush Estate will work with you to provide you with your perfect day and be as flexible as possible.

Bluebush Estate can assist in tailoring every aspect of your special day to ensure it will be unique and one to remember. And the great thing is that all your family and friends can stay overnight and have the opportunity to gather and reminisce about your special day before they all return home!

For more information on holding your wedding at Bluebush Estate please visit the website using the button above.

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