The committee of the Lovedale Chamber of Commerceis investigating the feasibility of approaching Cessnock City Council to establish a bike and walking trail through Lovedale.

It is envisaged that the trail will encompass Lovedale Road, Wilderness Road, Talga Road and Wine Country Drive (see attached route map). It will be similar in design to the existing trail down Hermitage Road.

The committee believes that this long term project would be of benefit to all residents and businesses in Lovedale.

Benefits include:

  • Wider exposure to Lovedale via all the bike clubs in NSW.
  • Safe walking and biking for tourists and locals.
  • Potential uplift in property values from the improvements as a result of building a bike trail.
  • A marketing opportunity for accommodation, wineries, restaurants and experiences such as ballooning.
  • Promoting a healthy lifestyle.
  • Removing the existing dangers of walking along roads particularly Lovedale Road, as it is now extremely busy with many trucks using the Lovedale Exit from the Hunter Expressway.

For this project to move forward we need to achieve a positive commitment from Lovedale Residents and Businesses.

The committee is requesting your response by completing the form below with any comments that you may like to include.

Proposed Segments –

A. Wine Country Dr – Wilderness Rd (via Lovedale Rd) 8km
B. Wine Country Dr – Lovedale Rd (via Wilderness Rd) 5.4km
C. Lovedale Rd – The Ballabourneen (via Talga Rd) 5.4km
D. Lovedale Rd – Wilderness Rd (via Wine Country Dr) 5.0km
E. Talga Rd – Wilderness Rd (via Lovedale Rd) 1.1km

To view a zoomable, interactive map click here.

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