Adina Vineyard Celebrates Multiple Wins at the Australian International Olive Awards 2023

Adina Vineyard, a treasure of the Lovedale region, has achieved remarkable success at the prestigious Australian International Olive Awards 2023. Showcasing their excellence, the Vineyard has been honoured with an impressive collection of three gold medals, one silver, and one bronze, solidifying their reputation as a purveyor of fine olives and olive oils.

The “Adina Vineyard & Olive Grove 2023 Unfiltered Olive Oil” received a bronze medal, lauded for its subtle aromas and a palate profile that boasts green flavours with a white pepper pungency. This unique olive oil is a testament to the Vineyard’s commitment to quality and flavour.

In an impressive win, the “Adina Wild Olives” were awarded the gold medal and named Champion in Class 15 for Wild Olives. These olives were recognised for their natural appearance, intense earthy and citrus aromas, and a well-balanced, full flavour profile that lingers delightfully on the palate.

The “Adina Ligurian Style Olives” earned the title of Reserve Champion in Class 18B for Specialty Olives, receiving a gold medal. These olives are praised for their visually pleasing appearance, harmonious blend of fennel and garlic, and a texture that is both excellent and firm, with a flavourful length that speaks to their artisanal quality.

Not to be outdone, the “Adina Orange & Thyme Olives” triumphed as the Best Table Olive of Show for Boutique Volume in Class 18A and were honoured with a gold medal. Judges noted the attractive colour, fragrant nose, and clean, subtle palate with a perfect blend of citrus and thyme.

Lastly, the “Adina Lime & Coriander Olives” garnered a silver medal, with their natural straw-green colour and complex aromas. The olives’ intense lime and tangy flavour profile, combined with a meaty texture, showcase the innovative spirit of Adina Vineyard.

We invite locals and tourists to join us in celebrating Adina Vineyard’s success. These accolades not only represent the hard work and dedication of the Vineyard’s team but also affirm the Lovedale region’s place on the global stage as a producer of world-class olives and olive oils.

As we share this fantastic news, we encourage everyone to experience the award-winning flavours themselves. Adina Vineyard continues to be a beacon of culinary excellence and a proud member of the Lovedale Hunter Valley business community.

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